Our Corporate Culture

Providing World Class Products Based on Efficiency and Creativity

A Company Striving for the Balanced Development of Customers, Shareholders and Employees

Our Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors at SKC is comprised of eight people with half of them being non-standing directors. SKC strives to practice good business management led by the Board of Directors through increasing the efficiency of the board’s operations. We also seek to enhance corporate values and maximize the returns to our shareholders by ensuring transparent business decision making processes.

Our Management System

What is SKMS? (SK Management System)

SKMS is the business management system by which SK employees operate. In other words, SK has defined and unified core business management principles that have been established systematically. These principles outline the areas that are regarded as imperative to carrying out practical business management. Through SKMS, all SK employees understand the essence of our business management and they use it as the standard in decision making. By operating this way we are striving to elevate the quality of business management and ultimately gain a competitive edge in this era of globalization. SKC actively practices SKMS thus sharing the corporate culture with other SK branded businesses and continues to seek further improvements through implementation of SKMS.

SKMS Factors

SKMS is largely comprised of a management perspective, management implementation principles, and business management factors.


Dynamic Factors

First, SKMS aims to attain a competitive advantage by using SKMS in this era of globalization. Second, SKMS seeks to gain a competitive edge by using underutilized, or unused human resources. Finally, to use these aforementioned human resources, SKMS empowers employees to enhance their work related intelligence and knowledge, voluntarily and zealously, thus adding a dynamic factor to the traditional management method.



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