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Globe for History PageThe Year was 1953. It was a significant time for both South Korea and SK.

The year was 1953. It was a significant time for both South Korea and SK. The Korean War had just ended, and our founders’ were positioned to form a company that would become a beacon of light and extend business development opportunities globally.  Initially started as a textile manufacturer, SK began to vertically integrate its company in 1962. Growth continued and over the next few years, SK brought forth its initiative strategy “From Petroleum to Fibers”.

In 1976 SKC Co., Ltd. was formed to develop polyester films for the growing market.

By 1978 SKC became the first company in Korea to commercially produce polyester films. The manufacturing of if its Skyrol® brand of polyester films began in its Suwon, South Korea plant (currently the largest polyester film plant in the world). SKC further expanded its reach by constructing another plant in Chonan, South Korea to produce products for electronic media.

Since the 1980’s SKC launched several major sales efforts and localized production facilities around the world.

In 1996, construction began on a major manufacturing facility in the U.S. to supply the North and Latin America markets with polyester films. SKC Inc. (the U.S. subsidiary) was formed and commercial production of film in the new state-of-the-art plant began in May 1999. A merger between SKC Co., Ltd. and SK Evertec began in 2001 to expand the reach of both companies in the IT, electronic materials and fine chemicals markets.

Today SK and SKC are both poised to provide their extensive capabilities to customers around the world.

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