SKC R&D carries out its research and development by dividing its functions into Corporate R&D and Divisional R&D.

R&D PictureSKC’s R&D will enhance its value, both present and future, and strengthen its competitiveness so as to provide the foundation for continuing as a world-class enterprise.

A dream not backed up by technology will remain just a dream. From the beginning, SKC was acutely aware of the importance of core technology and has been concentrating its investments in the R&D area. As a result we have been able to develop polyester films and media technology wholly through our own technology and advance as one of the world’s top companies possessing core technology in the electronic and media industries. We are once again doing our utmost in research and development as we strive to achieve the global standard of technology in the next generation IT and electronic materials industry. With our firmly rooted technological infrastructure we will deliver the optimal hardware solutions to the 21st century.

Corporate R&D focuses on developing the core technology and products related to creating new businesses that will enable SKC to grow its world class enterprise. The areas selected through analysis and evaluation of industrial trends will be implemented per each project unit, and the fruit of research and development will be maximized through the Stage Gate Model thus ensuring the innovative future of SKC.

Divisional R&D divides its functions into the areas of film materials, solar materials, processing materials, and chemical materials. It seeks to strengthen the existing businesses by carrying out research and development in the following two directions:

The first direction is in product development. Based on the premise that a company must sustain its growth, we are continuously and actively developing new products in order to expand into new business areas. The second direction is quality and cost innovation. We endeavor to share our values with customers, and thereby create new values, and supply products of improved quality and lower cost. These functions of SKC R&D will enhance SKC’s value, strengthen its competitiveness and act as the foundation for the company to grow its world class enterprise.

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