Photovoltaic Overview

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Solar Energy has come into the spotlight as the ultimate form of alternative energy because it is a rich and unlimited source of energy that can be obtained on earth.

SKC has strived relentlessly to develop current and future parts for solar energy use based on PET Film and various new material technologies.

Solar Cell Encapsulant

Photovoltaic Overview Page 1Solar cell encapsulant film protects a solar cell from the outside air or moisture, gives strong adhesion to glass or a backsheet and protects the solar light module from the environment. For such functions, durability (heat resistance, high temperature resistance, and resistance to UV light) is required. In addition, optical features such as light penetration ratio and transparency are required to maximize optical energy efficiency. SKC supplies and develops various encapsulant sheets as well as EVA sheets that satisfy such demands.

Weather Resistant Film

Photovoltaic Overview Page 2Up to now, PVF film has been applied as a weatherproof film, but the demand for highly functional and stable film has continued to increase due to rapid growth of the solar light market. Hence SKC has developed PVdF film which is comprised of weather resistant fluorine film to replace the PVF film. Additionally, SKC has also constructed a unified supply system of solar light parts together with weatherproof PET film. Also, SKC has diligently worked to satisfy the manyrequests of its customers by developing various fluorine films while seeking to achieve the world’s best performance in the plastic materials industry.


Photovoltaic Overview Page 3Backsheets must be adhesive and feature an encapsulant. They also must be resistant to vapors, and provide electrical insulation in order to function as protection film to the back of a module. Good encapsulating backsheets allow the solar light module to achieve stable solar light development over a long period of time in often harsh environments. SKC has developed and supplied highly durable products laminated with films made up of many materials in accordance with the physical properties needed by customers.

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