Photovoltaic Film Products

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Polyester (PET) Film for PV

PET film for PVSKC’s SG00L and SW03G PET film are used in back sheets together with fluorine materials. SW03G can maximize the conversion efficiency of a module by raising the reflectance of the back sheet. Weatherproof PET films TR55 and TW00 can be used instead of fluorine film in the back sheet structure if desired.





PVdF Film

PVdF Film for PhotovoltaicPVdF film has excellent weatherability. This film is primarily used as an external material for the backsheet and plays a key role in protecting the PV Module from the external environment for an extended period of time. This film also provides pollution prevention and ultraviolet light blocking effects thus resulting in optimal module status.





EVA Sheet

The EVA sheet protects the solar cell from the external environment and also provides adhesive in the PV Module.

White EVA Sheet for Photovoltaic  Matte EVA Sheet for Photovoltaic  Embo Sheet for Photovoltaic


Backsheet for PhotovoltaicBacksheet is a film that protects the solar cell from severe environmental conditions. SKC has reinforced its position as a leader in the area of PET used in backsheets. Currently SKC produces all of the materials used in backsheets and guarantees great quality in all areas for this application.





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Click here to search for detailed technical specifications.




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