Product Overview

SKC produces a wide variety of products that provide value to our customers. Historically we have been a leader in the area of manufacturing polyester films. Our Skyrol® polyester films are used in a variety of applications that positively impact people every day. We continue to use our resources to develop new films while at the same time providing the reliable films our customers have counted on us to supply for decades. We have manufacturing operations around the world, and our main U.S. operations are located near Atlanta, Georgia. The key items SKC manufactures are the following:

Polyester Films

Our Skyrol® polyester films are manufactured in a variety of combinations. Some of the characteristics of the film we provide are as follows:

  • Plain
  • Treated – One side, two sided
  • Clarity – Very Clear, Super Clear, Hazy, Matte, White, Blue, Black
  • Thickness – 4 gauge to 1400 gauge

If you need to look for a specific film you can use our search tool found here. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your project, or need for a specific film.


Manufacturing and sales of photovoltaic materials have been a new growth area for SKC. With the increased interest in renewable energy and environmental stewardship SKC is perfectly positioned to excel in this area. SKC produces all the core materials for PV modules such as EVA sheets, fluorine films (PVdF), and PET films for thebacksheets. In addition, SKC Solmicsproduces ingot and wafers for solar cells. All of these products make SKC a unique total solution provider for the global photovoltaic industry.

If you need to look for items for photovoltaic applications you can use our search tool found here. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your project, or need for a specific photovoltaic material.

Medical Supplies

SK has an extensive history in the health and pharmaceutical industry. We provide disposable hemocytometers, and other products to medical professionals. For more information on these products go directly to the Medical Supplies page on this website.


SKC is a division of SK (a Global Fortune 500 Company). SKC’s portfolio of products coupled with our sister companies offerings is deep. If you have a need for a product that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations contact us. If we do not manufacture your item currently we may be developing it now through our research and development operations.

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