Newton County School System (NCSS) and the Newton County Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce that SKC, Inc., has been named the 2013 NCSS Partner of the Year. NCSS has over 150 individual school-business partnerships and each year the district selects one business partner that stands above the rest as the Partner of the Year.

SKC, Inc., partners with the Newton College and Career Academy (NCCA) and according to principal James Woodard, “SKC, Inc., truly exemplifies what commitment and engagement is all about.” The company has committed both substantial time and financial resources to Newton College and Career Academy.

According to Woodard, SKC Human Resource Manager Carol Jones serves on the school’s board of directors, a position that requires providing oversight and direction for the school. In addition to attending bi-monthly board meetings, Jones is very willing to share human resources knowledge with students to help them prepare for real world experiences they will face, such as how to prepare and sit through a formal job interview.

In addition to a dedication of substantial time to the school, SKC, Inc., has also committed financial resources to assist Newton College and Career Academy—to the tune of $10,000 as part of a three-year commitment.

“This donation has allowed our school to purchase supplies and training for the Associate Board of Directors (comprised of NCCA students). As such, the students learned more about themselves and how to deal with different types of personalities,” said Woodard. “They have also received training on how to dress for success and the importance of correct dress when interviewing.”

Woodard added that SKC, Inc., is also participating in a pilot program aimed at increasing the rigor of the school’s internship program. The new program is aimed at creating a process to improve the associates applying for internships. The students must go through the interview process to be chosen as an intern with SKC.

“SKC has shown in many ways their care for our students,” said Woodard. “The commitment they have made will have a large impact on our students but an even larger impact on our community.”

“On behalf of President Ho Jin Kim and our SKC family we are honored to accept the award as the 2013 Partner of the Year for our support of the Newton County College and Career Academy,” said Tom Gray, Vice President of Operations for SKC. “We have a vested interest in supporting, both financially and personally, the students in the Newton County School System.  The majority of our employees live and have children who attend school locally.   The education system as a whole is improving; as evidence by the latest test scores which show that the investments of all who participate in the partners in education program are helping to build and strengthen our local education system.  This is of vital importance to SKC, since we not only need an educated workforce but we also need a school system that can attract talented people who want to work and live in our area.”

Gray added, “Manufacturing in the US has taken some hard hits but SKC continues to invest for our future.  We have recently invested $100 million to expand our business which will new jobs. We need a well-educated workforce to compete in the global marketplace.  We appreciate the recognition we have received today, but more importantly we are pleased to see that our efforts are helping to improve the future for the students of the Newton County School System.”

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